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A variety of resources are available to help make the most use of the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment (WRA) results and the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (TxWRAP) web application. Support, documentation and reference information is available from several sources. Key resources are provided below.

Other Resources

The Southern Risk Assessment Portal (SouthWRAP) website provides similar interactive mapping capabilities for all 13 states in the Southern region.

User Manual

A step-by-step guide on how to use TxWRAP Public Viewer and Professional Viewer are provided.


Custom training on how to use the Texas Wildfire Risk Assessment results and the TxWRAP application is available from the Texas A&M Forest Service. If you are interested in receiving training for your organization, you can reach us by using the Contact page.

Help Desk

Support for use of the Texas WRA data and the Professional Viewer application within TxWRAP is available by sending an email to the TxWRAP Help Desk at support@texaswildfirerisk.com. The Professional Viewer application is intended for use by hazard-mitigations planners and wildland fire managers. For general inquiries, especially regarding the Public Viewer or the Texas WRA data, please use the Contact page. This will allow you to pose questions, make suggestions, and provide feedback. We welcome and encourage your comments so we can continue to improve TxWRAP to better meet your needs.

More Information

Users are also encouraged to check out the Texas A&M Forest Service Mitigation and Prevention website to obtain more detailed information and guidelines to prepare for wildfires. The website contains information on how to protect your home, community and wildlands. This information includes wildfire mitigation strategies, minimum standards for developing a Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP), and requirements for a community to receive the Firewise Communities USA™ recognition.

Fire Occurrence Explorer

The Fire Occurrence Explorer (FOE) is the web-mapping application designed to analyze historical wildfire occurrence data from 2005 to 2015. Access to the Fire Occurrence Explorer requires a valid user account from the Texas A&M Forest Service.

We are currently redesigning the Fire Occurrence Explorer application. Follow the instructions provided below to access the application.

  1. Existing FOE user
    • Click here to go to FOE application
    • Sign in using your FOE user account (same as TxWRAP Legacy Account)
  2. Not an Existing FOE user
    • Click here to go to FOE application
    • Register
    • Request access